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Verterinary Dermatology

Our Specialty Services

When you need the highest quality diagnosis and treatment for any problem that involves the skin, Veterinary Dermatology Services should be your choice.
  •     Comprehensive allergy testing 
  •     Videoscope visualization of total ear canal 
  •     Laser surgery for benign and malignant growths 
  •     Infectious diseases of the skin 
  •     Auto immune and endocrine system disorders 
  •     SA/Sebaceous Adenitis 
  •     Hair and Nail Abnormalities 
  •     Equine skin problems 

Must a Patient Be Referred?

Dr. Breen welcomes patients who choose to see him directly for a skin ailment, as well as patients referred to him by his professional colleagues. 

To Schedule an Appointment: (513) 489-4644

Veterinary Dermatology Services is very conveniently located for clients living anywhere in Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky or Southern Indiana. Check our map for easy driving directions.

Our Philosophy 

Our philosophy at VDS is that we are using our advanced and specialized training to work together with your primary care doctor. Every visit to our office is followed by a report to the primary care veterinarian within 24 hours. This is often followed several days later with final test results.
Dr. Breen and his staff take great pride in the fact that they always make themselves available to you. There are no restricted hours during the day for taking phone calls to answer your questions. We make every effort to respect the personal time commitments of our pet owner clients by making it a priority to take appointments at the scheduled time.  


Charges for professional services rendered by Veterinary Dermatology Services will be itemized and submitted to you for payment at the time of service. Checks, Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and CareCredit are accepted..

Why a Specialist?

Within the past few decades, rapidly increasing amounts of new knowledge, instrumentation, diagnostic techniques and treatments in veterinary medicine have made it virtually impossible for a doctor to remain current, equipped, and competent to effectively treat all medical problems. Therefore, specialty board certifications have been approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association.  
Specialty board certification is granted after graduation from a College of Veterinary Medicine, completion of several additional years of residency study in an area of specialty concentration, and the successful completion of oral and written examinations. 
Veterinary dermatology services of Cincinnati, OH

What is Dermatology?

The skin is actually a complete and very large body system which functions either normally or abnormally. The skin system is also interrelated to other body systems, such as the immune system, the endocrine system, etc. and can often reflect or demonstrate dysfunction in another system.
The skin is the body system most intimately exposed to the environment. Therefore, the environment can have a great effect upon the health of the skin. Environmental causative agents for skin problems include parasites, insect bites, food allergies, contact allergies, and inhalant allergens. Any or all of these can cause extreme reactions in the skin.
Veterinary dermatology services of Cincinnati, OH
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